Sunday, February 21, 2010

Granny O'Grimm

A very funny well made short film and series all about those great stories gran would tell late at night. Take a look and enjoy... .. with the help of God.

This short film was written and performed by Kathleen O'Rourke, directed by Nicky Phelan and produced by Brown Bag Films in 2008. It has screened in numerous festivals and won several awards. Take a look here for the official video on her hompage.

We all know the Grimm fairytales. Granny's are grimmer...
Once upon a time there was a granny who dreamed of being the best granny in the whole world. Unfortunately, this granny was tormented by a lifetime of rage against the world and everyone in it. Luckily, nobody noticed what an angry old woman she had become because they took no notice of her one way or another. But there's only so much anger one old woman can repress before it BURSTS OUT FROM THE DEPTHS OF HER SOUL IN A SCREAMING FIREBALL OF BITTERNESS AND RESENTMENT!

...or a bedtime story, as Granny herself likes to call it.

Granny O'Grimm is a 26 x 11 min animated series. Each episode features Granny O'Grimm's desperate attempts to be the perfect granny to her three grandchildren, before the fairytales unleash her demons. Produced by Brown Bag Films and directed by Nicky Phelan, the series will be created in 3D & 2D computer animation.

A quick example of Granny's story telling:
"Eency Weency Spider, Climbing up the spout.
Down came the rain and washed the spider out.
Eency Weency Spider got washed down the drain,
And floated out to sea and was never seen again. Serves the big eejit right, going out in bad weather."

Check out the rest of her stories on her site here.

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