Friday, May 14, 2010

VFS Demo Reel

Mind blowing Modeling/texturing demo reel for VFS.  Incredibly detailed environment model by Klaus Skovbo, something Id like to stress about this demo reel is that fact that as amazing and finished as this looks, he still has his own revisions to do.  Always revise and improve!

Klaus Skovbo Modeling Reel 2010 from Klaus Romar Skovbo on Vimeo.

Thanks to Andre Boudreau for the link to this.


  1. Thanks for posting my reel! I was wondering where you saw it? You studying 3d yourself?

    - Klaus

  2. Hi Klaus, Yes this is a blog I run for my Class at school. We are in a 3D Game animation program at the Center for Arts and Technology in Halifax, its roughly a 2 year course. My friend Andre linked it too me, He follows Mike Miller and noticed how Mike commented on your reel.

    Im in love with the detail you put in your environment and am really looking forward to seeing your finished project. Keep up the amazing work.