Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Taken forever to find an actual trailer for this movie, not the highest quality but watchable. Might not be all that bad...


  1. First sign that it's bad:
    They changed the name from Rapunzel to Tangled.
    Second sign that it's bad:
    "The smolder"... really?...seriously? That's a Shrek line.
    Third sign that it's bad:
    I have no clue what the story is. A 40 sec. teaser I could understand. but a two minute trailer? No hint at all what the story is? That means there is NO story, and they are covering that fact with stupid gags.

    Sorry, Tristan, this is going to be a bust.

  2. Buttttttt its in real D 3D! How could that be a bad movie? I've realized since the change in the name that it was going to be a movie with no or at the least a poor story. So I've reserved myself to just looking at the movie for the pretty pictures and supposed art style. Who knows, maybe there will be a few good cheep laughs.